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PyNUT is an abstraction class written in Python to access NUT (Network UPS Tools) server and execute commands without needing to know the communication protocol.

That class was born from another project i had. I needed to have a graphical application to monitor and manage my UPSes connected to a NUT server. The gui application being written in Python too, i decided to split the projet in two parts (the PyNUT class + gui application → model + view) in order to keep the two parts independant.

The graphical application can be found here : NUT-Monitor

The PyNUT projet will evoluate providing different classes in the future. For that reason, i had to rename the 'PyNUT' class to 'PyNUTClient' in version 1.1 and following.


All the source code is commented in engligh, then you can use it for reference. The PyNUT class is also compatible with pydoc module, you can then use it too to obtain the API reference.


PyNUT is available for distribution as a tar archive or a Debian package. The package as been tested on Ubuntu 8.04 but can safely be used in other Debian based distributions.

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